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SOPHIA Membership Benefits

Membership to SOPHIA provides full access to the members only area.

If you would like to become a member of SOPHIA, please join here or learn more about our membership below.

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Chronicles of Health Impact Assessment (CHIA)

CHIA is a peer-reviewed, open-access, online HIA journal published through a partnership between SOPHIA and Indiana University Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health. While CHIA is openly accessible online, SOPHIA members will also receive additional benefits, such as:

  • Opportunity to apply for CHIA editorial board and reviewer positions
  • Discounted publication fee

Member Services

SOPHIA member services available exclusively to members include:

  • Quarterly SOPHIA Newsletter
  • Member-only events such as informative webinars, social hours, and working meetings
  • Access to SOPHIA member directory, an online list of HIA/HiAP practitioners worldwide
  • Access to free mentorship opportunities from other SOPHIA members
  • Opportunities to advertise (conferences, jobs, HIAs, etc) in the SOPHIA newsletter


SOPHIA helps practitioners from around the world connect through:

  • An active LinkedIn group
  • An HIA/HiAP newsletter with information about new resources, regional news, conferences and job opportunities.
  • Social events at the American Public Health Association Annual Meeting and other conferences

HIA Meetings

SOPHIA members are eligible for discounts and scholarship opportunities at the SOPHIA Practitioner Workshop

  • Discount to Practitioner Workshop meeting registration
  • Opportunity to apply for travel scholarships to Practitioner Workshop


SOPHIA’s dedicated volunteers have been providing leadership in growing and shaping HIA and HiAP practice worldwide since 2011. SOPHIA Working Groups have produced important HIA and HiAP guidance documents, and addressed emerging issues in the field. SOPHIA’s Steering Committee provides oversight for the organization’s strategic directions and activities. SOPHIA provides members the opportunity to become leaders through:

  • Contributing to producing guidance documents and leading discussions on emerging issues (SOPHIA Working Groups)
  • Volunteering to help grow SOPHIA as an organization (SOPHIA committees)
  • Receiving support from SOPHIA to grow regional and/or local initiatives

In addition to the membership-only benefits listed above, many of SOPHIA’s services are openly accessible to all. These include:

  • The Living Library, an online collection of model HIA reports
  • SOPHIA Working Group products, such as the Practice Standards, Equity Metrics, and Guidance and Best Practices for Stakeholder Engagement in HIA
  • Chronicles of Health Impact Assessment

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