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In 2023, the SOPHIA HiAP Working Group revised and expanded upon a 2017 HiAP resource and created the Implementation Guide for HiAP Strategies.

Onside Partners recently completed a project documenting the state of the HIA and HiAP fields. Visit their website to learn more

Community Commons is a "robust online platform that supports change-makers working to advance equitable community health and well-being. " They launched a site dedicated to HIA in 2023. It features a searchable HIA database.

There are a number of excellent HIA resources online. We particularly recommend the sources below as a way to connect with other HIA practitioners, to access repositories of completed HIAs, or to search for other tools and guidance.


Good for: completed HIAs, tools, guides, and evidence

Online HIA Community

Good for: news, events, networking, asking questions, looking for support

No longer updated but good archive:


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