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SOPHIA is seeking concise, interesting and compelling narratives about HIAs to share with our network of practitioners. We invite you to submit your story to us. You can write a success story about a part of the HIA that was particularly exciting and innovative. We are most interested in hearing stories about the experience of being a practitioner. The audience will be SOPHIA’s membership, or your fellow practitioners. The HIA may be completed or in an early stage of development.

Please consider these brief guidelines:

  • Write it in engaging manner
  • Focus on one part of your HIA
  • Run no longer than 1,200 words

Please write the story as if you were sharing it with a friend or family member, describing the successes in a way that would be understandable and interesting to a variety of audiences

We plan to use these stories in a number of ways including:

  • SOPHIA Newsletter
  • As a testimonial posted on SOPHIA website
  • An excerpt from the story that SOPHIA might use as a quote in materials such as marketing materials, etc.

Use the following form to submit your HIA story.

Additional questions to consider

Please feel free to use the following questions to help guide your story (if needed):

  • Why did you decide to conduct an HIA on this topic? What makes the context unique?
  • What was the most innovative or exciting part of your HIA?
  • What were your greatest successes? What challenges did you face in the process? What were the key elements that made this project successful?
  • Which key lessons learned would you like to share with other practitioners?
  • Which partnerships, if any, were key to your success? What assets/resources did you have in place which enabled your success?
  • In what ways, if any, does this initiative reduce or eliminate health disparities? In what ways does it promote health equity in your communities?
  • Can you describe the overall impact of the project? Have any additional partnerships been developed/maintained? Are there any outcomes that occurred that you did not anticipate? What effect did the HIA have on stakeholders (including community members) that were involved in the process?

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